Sex Toys All Fun And Games

Sex toys are all fun and games until bacteria rears its ugly head


So long as you’re taking adequate care of your sex toys, they can provide a fun, stimulating, and healthy outlet for getting in touch with your body. However, skimping on the cleaning process could turn your once pleasurable adult toy into an ultimately toxic device that’s riddled with bacteria. If you’d like to keep the relationship between you and your sex toys a cleanly and safe one, you need to familiarize yourself with proper cleaning and care techniques. Knowing when to implement these disinfecting procedures is paramount as well.

Don’t use and abuse it
The cardinal rule of proper adult toy care is cleaning it after every use. A thorough scouring is warranted even if it was just an intimate session between you and the toy. Not only does this prolong the toys shelf life, but it also reduces the risk of bacteria spreading.

Use a fresh towel
When drying off your pristine intimacy device, using a clean towel to do so is the only practical solution. Rubbing your toy down with a bacteria-laden cloth will render the cleaning process you just performed futile.

Scented or unscented soap?
When cleaning your sex toy, a scented soap won’t do. Your nether regions will respond poorly to a solvent that’s lousy with chemicals and unnatural scents. So, it’s best to stick to a generic, fragrance-free, and mild cleaning product. Whether that be hand or dish soap is at your discretion.

Consider an sex toy cleaner
Perhaps you’d like to spring for a product that’s specifically designed to cleanse the crevices of your Sex Toys Joujou. If so, adult toy cleaners fit the bill.

Stow it in a sterile place
Though our bedside table seems like the most obvious answer, sex toys need a cleanlier haven than that. The only time when your bedside drawer is a suitable compartment is if the adult toy is wrapped in a cloth-like material. When protected within a pouch, the toy becomes impervious to outside germs. While cloth is a suitable material, plastic containers aren’t. Ideally, your adult toy will be sufficiently blanketed in a soft fabric and away from germ-ridden items and surfaces.

Know your lube
If you fancy yourself a lube lover, it’s crucial to weed out the potentially harmful lubricants. Some lubes, while perfectly safe, could wreak havoc on your sex toy. Reason being, not all lubricants interact and respond well to silicone and glass. To ensure that your personal pleasure product doesn’t deteriorate, experts recommend using water-based lubes.

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