Sex Toys All Fun And Games

Sex toys are all fun and games until bacteria rears its ugly head


So long as you’re taking adequate care of your sex toys, they can provide a fun, stimulating, and healthy outlet for getting in touch with your body. However, skimping on the cleaning process could turn your once pleasurable adult toy into an ultimately toxic device that’s riddled with bacteria. If you’d like to keep the relationship between you and your sex toys a cleanly and safe one, you need to familiarize yourself with proper cleaning and care techniques. Knowing when to implement these disinfecting procedures is paramount as well.

Don’t use and abuse it
The cardinal rule of proper adult toy care is cleaning it after every use. A thorough scouring is warranted even if it was just an intimate session between you and the toy. Not only does this prolong the toys shelf life, but it also reduces the risk of bacteria spreading.

Use a fresh towel
When drying off your pristine intimacy device, using a clean towel to do so is the only practical solution. Rubbing your toy down with a bacteria-laden cloth will render the cleaning process you just performed futile.

Scented or unscented soap?
When cleaning your sex toy, a scented soap won’t do. Your nether regions will respond poorly to a solvent that’s lousy with chemicals and unnatural scents. So, it’s best to stick to a generic, fragrance-free, and mild cleaning product. Whether that be hand or dish soap is at your discretion.

Consider an sex toy cleaner
Perhaps you’d like to spring for a product that’s specifically designed to cleanse the crevices of your Sex Toys Joujou. If so, adult toy cleaners fit the bill.

Stow it in a sterile place
Though our bedside table seems like the most obvious answer, sex toys need a cleanlier haven than that. The only time when your bedside drawer is a suitable compartment is if the adult toy is wrapped in a cloth-like material. When protected within a pouch, the toy becomes impervious to outside germs. While cloth is a suitable material, plastic containers aren’t. Ideally, your adult toy will be sufficiently blanketed in a soft fabric and away from germ-ridden items and surfaces.

Know your lube
If you fancy yourself a lube lover, it’s crucial to weed out the potentially harmful lubricants. Some lubes, while perfectly safe, could wreak havoc on your sex toy. Reason being, not all lubricants interact and respond well to silicone and glass. To ensure that your personal pleasure product doesn’t deteriorate, experts recommend using water-based lubes.

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Celebrate Hens Night Melbourne

Celebrate a Hens Night Melbourne

Getting married is a time to celebrate. A new marriage means a new life partnership. Before getting married, many people choose to plan a hens Night Melbourne for a good friend. The hens Night Melbourne means a chance to let down your hair and relax with your best friends. Part of having a really fun hens Night Melbourne is making sure that everything is planned out well in advance. Good planning can really help any party get off the ground. A good plan for a hens Night Melbourne should include several elements. It helps to think about the bride’s likes and dislikes. It also helps to think about the bride’s friends and what they like to see and do. A really good friend can make sure that everyone who is attending the hens Night Melbourne has the best possible time all night long.

Inviting People

The first thing to is create a guest list. It’s a good idea to ask the bride who her friends are if you don’t know them already. It’s also a good idea to ask each person if they know someone else who might be interested in coming. The bridal party is a good start. Contact any fellow bridesmaids if you’re a bridesmaid. You can also contact the bride’s relatives. Many relatives tend to know the bride well. They understand exactly what she wants as well as what she likes to do for fun. A relative such as the bride’s sister may know exactly what her sister wants to do during her Hens Packages Melbourne Hens Party Melbourne . She can make all sorts of useful suggestions that the organizer of the hens Night Melbourne can easily as the night unfolds. She may also know of others who are arriving just for the party from other parts of the world.

Creating a Route

Most people will have an entire day and even an entire night devoted to the hen party. This leaves plenty of time to create a party that everyone can enjoy. It helps to have a master list of activities that you have planned for the entire day. This way, you’ll always know what you’re going to do as the night goes along. It also helps to have someone else to plan the party with you as it goes on. Ask someone else to work with you directly so they can offer the kind of help you might need. If something goes wrong such as something gets delayed, they can make sure that the party gets right back on track. With their assistance, you’ll be assured of throwing the party your friend and the members of the entire bridal party will remember for the rest of their lives.

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Japanese Encephalitis Study

HI I’m Dr Deb – The Travel Doctor.
If you will be travelling with your kids to Asia or Papua New Guinea for a month or more in the next 12 months, I need your help, and your kids help too.

We are looking for volunteers – our clinic is working with researchers in Europe, USA and Australia to study a vaccine designed to protect children from a disease called Japanese Encephalitis.

This is a serious brain infection that can be caught from a single mosquito bite. Japanese Encephalitis can cause death or permanent brain injury.

Although it is fairly rare and mainly occurs in Asia, there have even been cases in the Torres Strait. One fisherman was even infected in the tip of Cape York. Japanese Encephalitis is more dangerous to children compared to adults, yet there is currently no registered vaccine for Australian children who are visiting risk areas in Asia. The JE vaccine we are using for this study is fully registered in Australia, USA, Canada and Europe… but only for adult travellers so far.

So, if you’re taking your kids to Asia and they are 17 years of age or younger, they may qualify to receive the vaccination before they travel as part of our study. If they are eligible, they will need to come to our clinic 4-5 times to see me and have some blood tests. For those afraid of injections, and many are, I can use my special skin numbing cream to help make the experience as near to painless as possible.

Of course there will be no cost to you for Japanese Encephalitis study visits, tests or the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine, and we can reimburse you for travel and parking expenses to get to the Brisbane CBD. 

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