Mens Guide To Sex Toys

The Men’s Guide to Getting Off


Masturbation is as old as time. For some men, it’s as routine as brushing their teeth, while for others, it’s a sacred time to be shared with the likes of their favorite sex toys. With all of the incredible sex toys on the market today, men that haven’t explored all that sex toys have to offer are definitely missing out.

The Tools of Self Love

Whether you’re a more traditional masturbator or you’re already into the idea of sex toys but not sure where to start, there are plenty of options available to try. Purchasing your first sex toy can be a bit overwhelming if you’re unsure of what kind of pleasure you’re into. Take a look at the most popular types of male Sex Toys At Joujou and get a feel for what you might like the most.

1. Enhancers and Penis Rings

Penis rings are used to enhance the size and stamina during sex or solo-play. Rings are a great way to address erectile dysfunction, but also act as a way to keep the penis erect longer than normal. Most men love rings as they can play as long as they want, without the fear of flaccidity returning too soon.

2. Sex Dolls

While many men may shy away from admitting to owning one, sex dolls are still a popular choice when it comes to sex toys. Sex dolls of today are made very realistically and can even be modeled to fit the user’s needs. Sex dolls give the user the experience of being with another person physically without having to actually have another person present.

3. Masturbators

The masturbators are likely the most popular male sex toys available today. These toys allow men to masturbate as usual, with the added sensation of the toy. These toys typically mimic the feeling of sexual intercourse or oral sex through the texture and material that the toy is made with.

4. Penis Pumps and Enlargers

A larger penis without pills or surgery? Yes, it is possible with the help of enlargers and pumps. While any increase in penis size from these methods will be purely temporary, you will be pleasantly surprised with a visible increase in the thickness and length of your member.

Sex toys are an excellent way to take your “alone time” to the next level. Instead of using your hand in your next session, consider trying one of these four sex toys out. You may soon find that your new sex toy takes masturbating to a whole new level.

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