Five Positions For Sex Toys

Five Positions For Sex Toys


There’s nothing better than some good, hot sex. Except, maybe, good sex with the welcome addition of some sexy sex toys. With the help of a good sex toy, couples can take amazing sex and turn it completely on its head.

Intercourse with a Side of Sex Toy

Introducing sex toys into your lovemaking may seem a bit odd at first, but with a bit of practice, you’ll find that things in the bedroom have gotten even hotter. Looking to learn all the ways you can add sex toys to your routine? Read on for five sexy positions you can try with your partner and your new sex toys.

1. A Massage with a Happy Ending

This is the simplest starting position for Sex Toys By Joujou newbies. During this massage, one partner must lay down while the other slowly massages the body with a vibrator or personal massager. Throughout the massage, the vibrator or massager can make its way towards the more stimulating parts of the body.

2. Doing 69 Sideways

Try out the regular 69 position with the aid of sex toys. Depending on your partner, you may want to use an oral toy or a masturbation sleeve. These toys allow partners of either sex to feel pleasure during oral sex.

3. Riding High

Reverse cowgirl gets a new lease on life with the help of a vibrator. Once you or your partner are in riding position, the vibrator should be used either to stimulate or penetrate.

4. Mutual Masturbation

While this isn’t exactly a specific position, it is a great way to play with sex toys alongside your partner. Use vibrators, rings, masturbators, dildos, and the like as you both get it on. As you both watch each other reach new orgasmic heights, you’ll find that seeing your partner satisfied is a pleasure all its own.

5. Penetration for Both Parties

This position works regardless of the sex of your partner. Use a dildo, lengthy vibrator, or strap-on to please your partner with penetration while doing the same for yourself. While this can be a little tricky get hang of, the end result will feel amazing for the both of you.

Using sex toys during sex is all about exploration. Take time to find out what works best for you and your partner. Use these five positions to springboard any future adventures in the bedroom.

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