Alternative Using Your Sex Toys

Alternative Ways to Use Your Sex Toys


Sex toys are great for giving pleasure but can be used for other important things as well. With all the money that you put into your sex toy collection, finding other ways to enjoy them is a good way to make sure you get your money’s worth. Read on to find out four different ways to use your sex toys for something other than sexy stimulation.

1. Warm up Your Singing Voice

While you certainly might look a bit strange holding a vibrator against your throat, many singers swear by this practice. The vibrations work to stimulate the vocal cords in the throat, allowing performers to sing with ease.

2. Get a Full Body Massage

Many vibrators initially started off as body massagers. These humble vibrators-turned-sex toys are a great place to start the next time you need to decompress. Ask your partner to give you a hand the next time you’re feeling sore or tense. Once your body has been thoroughly massaged you may feel the need to get back to the more risque functions of your sex toys

3. Use Your Sex Toys as Decoration

Depending on your taste in toys, you may already have a burgeoning art collection in the works. The more exquisitely designed toys are hardly discernable as anything other than beautiful sculptures. If this is the case with your sex toys, don’t be afraid to show them off for the works of art they are.

4. Accessorize with Your Toys

Lately, the fashion world has been incorporating some kink into popular styles. Give your sex toys and once over and see what you can turn into fashion. Some people turn their butt plugs into keychains while others use their BDSM chokers as a necklace. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be a conversation starter!

5. Use a Squishy Toy as a Stress Ball

A lot of sex toys are squishy to the touch. If you’re having a hard day, don’t hesitate to grab your toy and squeeze away. Once the anxiety subsides, you may find that you’d like to release your tension in other ways as well.

While some of these suggestions may come as a surprise, they’re all in good fun. Use these five tips as a guide to using sex toys in your everyday life. Finding new ways to use your sex toys will only heighten your experience with them.

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